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Thinkcatalyst is a canadian medical technology company based in Kelowna, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta.   It is a company “built by doctors for doctors” – and other front line health and social service professionals.  Many of us have had the experience of working with software and other technologies that were seemingly built without sufficient thought about how they could be utilized by busy professionals dealing directly with patients and clients.  Many also lack a proper evaluation framework that ensures that they are useful and,  at the very least,  making workflows more efficient.  Our goal is to create simple, visually appealing tools, that improve the quality, efficiency, and access to valuable medical and social resources.

Dr Colin Oberg is the founder of Thinkcatalyst.  He is an emergency physician, and has been practising for 15 years.  He has a masters degree in Bioinformatics and Computer Science from Harvard University.  He has developed several medical software applications including G-Book and Clinomics Virtual Environments, both of which were partnerships with MariaBio and Hitachi Limited.  He has been instrumental in the creation of the current suite of Thinkcatalyst programs including Auxillium™(social services), Vivograf™(medical analytics),  Veritas™(virtual medical training) and the flagship medical monitoring platform -watch™.  He lives with his wife and two children in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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