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watch provides intensive disease monitoring, education, analytics, and critical result monitoring for a number of conditions.  Patients are referred by their physician and, once in the program, they are monitored by a team of specialist physicians, nurses, and other team members.  Your family physician or referring specialist may themselves be participating in your care within watch.  In all cases, your family physician will receive a monthly report of your progress within the program.   As a patient, you can input clinical data, view trends and summaries of your data, and send messages to your healthcare team.  If you are feeling sick or if inputted clinical data is outside of certain parameters, your healthcare team will be notified and you will be contacted or advised to book a virtual appointment with one of our team members.  We want patients to feel better, play an active role their care, and hopefully, keep ER and hospital visits to an absolute minimum.

heart failure
coronary artery disease
renal disease
Acute Care Transition

disease monitoring & analytics

watch allows for the intensive monitoring of disease conditions.  Clinical data is tracked, graphed and analyzed.  Trends and other more complex analytics are created which give your health care team the tools it needs to optimize your therapy and hopefully prevent problems before they happen.  Data is inputted by team members and patients, effectively allowing patients to actively participate in their care.  Disease analytics are shared with your family doctor and/or your referring specialist so that they can use them to guide potential changes to your therapy.

self-management tips and education

Every time a patient logs in to the watch platform, there is an educational tip that pops up in the messenger, specific to the condition they have.  There is a different one each day and include hundreds of educational “tid bits” that are essential in the management of all of the “watch conditions”.  These include important lifestyle and dietary modifications, signs / symptoms of worsening disease and strategies to avoid medication side effects among others.  These are important bits of information that are often overlooked during office visits with specialists and family doctors, delivered to all patients in “bite sized” pieces.

critical result & symptom monitoring

watch can automatically when you are potentially headed for trouble.  All of the disease conditions have a built in “red flags” that alert patients and watch healthcare team members of critical results.  This include overly high symptom scale scores (telling us that you aren’t feeling well), high vital sign readings (like blood pressures and oxygen saturations, and high lab values (like serum glucose).  When one of these critical results are encountered, patients and healthcare team members will be notified.  There are automatic immediate responses that may give strategies such as repeating the reading in 10 minutes, booking an appointment with a watch physician or in some cases- heading to the emergency department or calling 911 (eg. chest pain and other severe cardiac symptoms).

book with watch healthcare team members and specialists

watch patients can book with the healthcare team for any available appoitmemts.  This can include specialists, other watch physicians, or nurses who specialize in your particular condition.  All visits are “virtual” and take place within the watch’s secured TeleMeet clinic environment.

secure messaging

Patients can input questions, concerns, or comments directly into your chart- and thus to the healthcare team.  This may be requested by the watch physician or simply to report a change in symptoms or concerns about side -effects of a new medication.  In return, your physician and nurses can message you directly into your messenger where you can see all messages after logging in.

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